Performance testing made simple

  • Create and run performance tests in minutes.
  • Decrease costs of fixing performance issues finding problems early in software development life cycle (SDLC).
  • Create a better user experience (UX, CX).
  • Spend less time creating and maintaining performance tests and deciphering its results.
  • Enhance the performance of your websites to improve your SEO positioning.
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Performance testing made simple

Runfalcon is our cloud based, codeless and on demand automated performance testing platform that allows development teams to check the response time, throughput, resource usage, and scalability of software under an certain workload by leveraging automation. Using Runfalcon your software will provide the best customer experience while saving money for fixing problems at the right moment.



Codeless is about productivity. We enable organizations to create applications with optimal performance without dealing with annoying testing scripts. Your development teams will be focused on release new features while Runfalcon verify the performance for critical functionalities and alerts when necesary based on KPIs. All this without a single line or code.

Full DevOps integrated

Runfalcon integrates with Jenkins, Azure DevOps, AWS CodePipeline, Ansible, Gitlab, TeamCity, and others, to implements CI/CD strategies. It provides quality gates to find possible performance issues in early stages of software development life cycle (SDLC), decreasing the costs of creating software solutions.

Save time and money

Don't you think than traditional performance testing equal is waste?. You pay too much to wait for several days and receive a 20 pages word document full of facts without relevance. Runfalcon gives you in minutes and cheapper the key metrics you need to know to assess if your application has an optimal performance.

Automate PCPT

Software developers neglect performance testing because it's complex. PCPT -Parallel Continuous Performance Testing- is our value proposition to give the organizations the capacity of verifying the performance of its applications, in parallel to product development. We test while developers code. We alert when a performance KPIs is out of compliance.


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what we test

Load Test

Load testing is about verifying the performance for a specific service of the application, when it is being invoked in a concurrent way for a constant number of users for a certain time period. It is like a 10K race, not too far, but you must be in a good shape.

Stress test

This kind of testing strategy gradually increase the number of concurrent users in a constant number, looking for the point when the service starts responding in a wrong way due this load. It's like bike climbing, you do it until your legs stop responding.

Peak test

Peak test strategy shows to you how a specific applications service behaves when faced an irregular concurrent user’s load. As an example of this type of strategy, it is like a boxer receiving heavy punches and recovering after each one.

Endurance test

Endurance tests are made to verify how an application’s service behaves when it is used for a specific number of users for a very long time period. Image an athlete running a marathon or an ironman race, many of them the just want to cross the final line.


We are a team with more than twenty years of experience in software architecture, performance testing, Agile mindset and DevOps that created Runfalcon based on our own problems and with the purpose of helping development teams to create the best customer experience at the lowest cost.

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